Timeless Space

Advisor: Igea Troiani


Every single moment we lived is evidence of the coexistence of the past, the present, and the future. What one has accumulated from the past becomes the nutrients of the present, openly containing time, space and life. In the modern life, all the things human created will one day cycle back to our life circle. Civilisation formats every modern person’s life. People lost the sensibility and the ability of living in the nature when long living in the city. People also lost the meaning of being in the world. Through this essay I want to discuss about to what extent is civilisation, characterised by technological progress and modernity, an underlying cause to our loss of the coexistence with the nature and how can the architecture concern itself with this? I would like to introduce Ancient Chinese wisdom “Jie Qi” on co-living with nature and “Yi Jing” on finding one’s sense of existence to response to the sustain living with nature and achieve the worldwood; the Timeless Place. 

The only thing that is unchanged in the world is changing.