film photography by me

delicious drawings by Rain Wu

TEAM with serious face

Eatopia HONGKONG! 

The Voice of Eatopia Jimmy(host)!

The Soul of Eatopia Raymond(professional chef)!


the burst into tears moment......

Eatopia |修龍

A Journey of Taiwan’s Cultural Collisions
Co-Curator, London Design Biennale Taiwan Pavalion 2016

Taiwan has received waves of migrants since the beginning of its written history. Together, these people of distinctive cultural backgrounds witnessed the island’s historical milestones: colonisation, martial law administration and democratisation.

Centuries of cultural collision and fusion have shaped Taiwan into a multi-faceted country, but its historical complexity often leads to discussions on what constitutes the Taiwanese identity and which culture best represents Taiwan.
Eatopia responds to the theme of the inaugural London Design Biennale, Utopia by Design, by presenting an imagined future through a culinary journey. Reflecting on the history of Taiwan, the dishes serve as a reminder that cultural collision and fusion have been and will continue to be powerful forces that propel the country towards a united yet diverse utopia.

Eatopia Team

Curator | Shikai Tseng, Rain Wu 
Co-Curator | Lydia Chang
Project Assistant | Chuan Lu
Host | Jimmy Weng
Food Design | Chung-Ho Tsai
Executive Chef | Po-Yen Fang
Visual Design | Godkidlla, Billy Chou 
Architectural Design | Eugene Chang
Film Director | YuEn Hsieh
Event Documentary | Yen-An Chen