What’s Up Green Workshop  /  附近綠地草什麼

Project Founder: Hong-Tau Sung
Advisor: Monika Kuo, Yi-Ru Pan, Hsin-Rong Liu, Tan HoChen, Yong-Xi Huang and Yu-Chih Hsiao 
Core Team: Lydia Ya Chu Chang, Shing Huang, Woju Hsu, Li-Cheng Chen, Maggie Liao and Hui-Hsin Liao 


The project started from a group of local people, who were trying to protect a green field on FuJing Street in Taipei. The Taipei City government was going to develop the site, which was owned by Ministry of National Defense due to land use change, into an official park covering by more than 50% of hard surface. The local campaign group was formed called ‘What’s up Green?’ working with local community, NGOs and city government to bring together different stakeholders to meet and start giving talks and gathering on varius topics around urban geen field. Re-imagining the possibility and bring different voices to the government through workshops and events. 
Taipei, 2020